Making Music with Logic Pro: Intermediate

Join Jono Buchanan to grow your mastery of Apple's flagship DAW with this in-depth intermediate level course

From Demo to Dancefloor

Watch pro mixing and production engineer Mark Maitland transform FaderPro student Zac Zacharia's demo into a dancefloor banger

Inside the DAW of a 15 million-stream track

Watch multi-platinum artist Tom Enzy in the studio as he deconstructs his mega-hit "Ice & Cold"

Learn from Melodic Masters OC & Verde

Watch & learn as the masters of melodic grooves and razor sharp beats build a track from start to finish

Must-Know Production Tips

From treating your room to making money to creative flow, get decades of experience boiled down into these must-know production tips from house legend Jason Herd.

Electronic music production courses taught by the world's most successful artists, producers & DJs

What Others are saying


Choice Award: 9/10

Review: FaderPro Synth & Sound Design w/ D.Ramirez "A large and inspiring course for anyone wanting to develop their synth skills, with approachable techniques for dissecting sound design."

Mark Knight

Toolroom Label boss

"Now we know that there are already a thousand online production tutorials that exist online. But ours are going to be different in a number of ways. Firstly – you’re only going to be taught by real artists – producers who have actually made successful records, released with big labels, who have really seen success in their careers. Secondly, we are going to get really granular with our courses. They are going to be in-depth, advanced and crucially - based around the sound Toolroom is known for."

Raver Rafting

"There is no reason FaderPro shouldn’t soon become a household name in production education. Powerhouse names, powerhouse partnerships, powerhouse production, they’re set"


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100% satisfaction guaranteed.