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Become the best by learning from the best. Get in the studio with over 60 of the world's biggest artists & DJs whenever you like.

Become the best by learning from the best. Get in the studio with over 60 of the world's biggest artists & DJs whenever you like.

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Watch over 125 courses taught by more than 60 world-renowned artists from the world's biggest electronic music labels

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Featured courses

In our most in-depth masterclass yet, Nicky Romero explains his creative and technical for building hit tracks.

With over 25 years of studio experience, a hit-studded discography and an undeniably impressive track record as a composer

Mike Candys has become one of the most important Electro House producers from Europe with international recognition and an ever growing fanbase all around the globe.

A trained studio engineer and jazz pianist, Martin Ikin has been focusing on his own production for the past several years, which has paid off in a major way with many hugely successful tracks.

Tritonal covers the thought process of the vocal and the concept around how "Blackout” was made. They provide you with the entire source files for the record so that you too can re-produce this single alongside with them.

Mega DJ & Producer, Thomas Gold has allowed us into his studio to show the world how he makes his music and specifically, how he created his newest single, "Saints & Sinners."


With more than 125 courses to choose from and new courses being added every month, there's bound to be one that will help you level up your own music!


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What makes FaderPro different from any other way of learning music production?

Well, we believe that to become the best, you have to learn from the best. That's why we're the only electronic music production educator that partners with the world's biggest EDM labels and artists. They're the DJs and producers who've built globally successful careers and who, in many cases, have decades of experience. So if you're looking to follow in their footsteps what better way than to get in the studio with them to learn from the best?

What skill level do I need to take one of your courses?

We've got courses for all levels of experience. If you're just starting out, check out our Foundations Series courses. If you're an advanced producer still looking to level-up your music, our Masterclass Series would be perfect for you.

How do I get to watch your courses?

We have a couple of options when it comes to getting access to our courses. You can either join the FaderPro Producers Club to get access to our entire course catalog (plus all upcoming future courses) for a simple monthly price or you can pay for an individual course. Just find the course you're interested in and choose the relevant option on the course page.

How much does it cost to join the FaderPro Producers Club?

Our standard monthly price is $29.99. The standard annual price is $299.99 - so effectively you get 2 months free when you pay annually.

If I buy an individual course, how much will it cost?

We've got courses to suit every budget - so they start at $9.99 (want to learn Ableton with iLL Factor?) and go up from there. But to be honest, we believe you can't put a price on your future creative self. A small investment in building your production skills could give you the springboard you need to emulate the artists you'll be learning from.

If you're looking to get hold of a few of our courses, you could save up to 38% if you Build Your Own Bundle. Or get ALL of them by joining the FaderPro Producers Club!

Do your courses include audio or project files?

Yes, some of them include DAW project files, audio samples and stems. Just look for the 'Resources' tab on the course page and you'll see what extras the course comes with.

Which DAW do I need to take your courses?

Well, that's up to you. Even though our artists take you through their production methods using their DAW of choice, the techniques they'll teach you are transferrable to pretty much any other DAW. So, if you're an Ableton user you can still watch a course with an artist who's using Logic or Cubase.

If you want to watch an artist who's specifically using the same DAW as you, you can filter our course catalog to just show those courses. Just head over to the all courses page and use the filters to narrow down your search.

How long are the courses?

They vary from around an hour to up to 5 hours for the really in-depth masterclasses. When you're on a course page, you'll see each of the chapters laid out together with the duration for each one. In the course description you'll also see the total running time of the course.

Once I've got access to a course, do I have to watch it within a certain timeframe?

Well, that depends. If you're a member of our Producers Club, you can watch it as long as you're a paying subscriber. If you've bought paid for an individual course on an a-la-carte basis, you can watch it whenever you like.

How often do you bring out new courses?

We're always working with our existing label partners and artists to create new courses as well as bringing new labels and artists into the FaderPro family. Between December 2020 and February 2021 we released over 15 brand new courses with more in the pipeline right now! Make sure you get yourself on our producer community email list so you get to find out when new courses are released!

Do you ever run contests?

Yes! We regularly run contests where you can win all kinds of prizes and, if your tracks are bangin' you could possibly get signed when our label partners hear your work!

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100% satisfaction guaranteed.