Build Your Own Bundle

Learn more, save more

Learning music production is best done by watching the experts, seeing how they go about it. Picking up tips and tricks from different artists is a great way to hone your own production skills.

We recognise that you'll probably want to take multiple courses as you progress through your music production journey.

That's where our Build Your Own Bundle feature comes in. Just buy a bundle of courses and save a bundle of money in the process!

How it works

Getting hold of your course bundle is easy: 

  1. Pick a 3, 5 or 7-course bundle using the Buy Now buttons on this page.
  2. Purchase that bundle.
  3. Once you've paid, choose the courses you want from the selection on our Bundle Courses page (that shows all courses priced at $49.99 or above).
  4. Email your receipt to together with the list of courses that you want.
  5. We'll add them to your account.
  6. And you're done!

Pick a 3, 5 or 7-course bundle and save!

The bigger the bundle, the more you save. 


3-course bundle

Pick any 3 courses, save up to 39%*

* See below for example discounts

5-course bundle

Pick any 5 courses, save up to 44%*

* See below for example discounts

7-course bundle

Pick any 7 courses, save up to 48%*

* See below for example discounts

See below for Ts & Cs.



Terms & conditions:

  • Depending on which courses you choose as part of your bundle, the discount amount varies. Choosing courses priced at $49.99 or above will mean you're getting a discount
  • The discounts shown above are the maximum discounts that you can get with each of the bundles
  • Please allow time for our support team to add your chosen courses to your account
  • If you need help, please contact us 


Example discounts

Here are a few examples of how much you can save based on the number of courses that you choose and the price of those courses.

Choose courses priced at
You pay $49.99 $59.99 $69.99 $89.99 Value You save Discount
3-Course Bundle $139.99 x2 x1     $159.97 $19.98 12%
  $139.99     x2 x1 $229.97 $89.98 39%
5-Course Bundle $199.99 x5       $249.95 $49.96 20%
  $199.99   x1 x3 x1 $349.95 $149.96 44%
7-Course Bundle $249.99 x7       $349.93 $99.94 28%
  $249.99   x3 x3 x1 $479.93 $229.94 48%
100% satisfaction guaranteed

100% satisfaction guaranteed.