Win a Behringer Pro-1

Bringing back another classic, the Behringer Pro-1 has all the features of the original and then some!

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The MicroKORG has become a classic, every producer should have one. Serious synthesizer and vocoder functionality in a compact package.

Want a chance to win one?

Analog Synthesizer with Dual VCOs

64-note dual sequencer

3 Simultaneous Waveforms

Powerful modulation matrix

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Paying homage to the 80s classic, the Behringer Pro-1 is a Eurorack-compatible analog synth that packs in all the features of the original, plus more. With great care taken to be true to the original circuitry, legendary VCO, VCF and VCA designs, all of which combine to make it easy to recreate the classic sound performance.

And now's your chance to win one to add to your own studio.

  • Analog Synthesizer with Dual VCOs
  • 3 Simultaneous Waveforms
  • 4-Pole VCF
  • Extensive Modulation Matrix
  • 16-Voice Poly Chain
  • Eurorack Format
  • Audio input for processing external sound sources
  • Comprehensive USB/MIDI implementation

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Waves bundle of choice (up to $299)
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100% satisfaction guaranteed.