Mentor My Production

Get live 1-on-1 mentoring from our highly experienced pro producers and rapidly step-change your music production skills

Get live 1-on-1 mentoring from our highly experienced pro producers and rapidly step-change your music production skills


Live Zoom mentoring sessions

90 minute, in-depth sessions

Any production topics of your choice

Pro producers with decades of experience

Your own personalized production masterclass

Let's face it, we all get stuck on a track now and then. Perhaps you've got a great idea that you just can't seem to build out into a full track, or maybe you're stuck on the arrangement, or what transitions would work best. Perhaps you need help polishing the sounds or critiquing the mix.

Wouldn't it be great if you could get help from a pro?

Well, now you can with Mentor My Production.

Video chat live on Zoom with your own industry pro mentor
You guide the topics, your mentor provides the experience and expertise
Schedule multiple sessions to give yourself time to work on new skills
Work with your mentor inside the DAW on your own tracks
Overcome production roadblocks and rapidly build new skills
Record every session so you can re-play it when you need to
* Weekday session dates and times are flexible, US and Europe timezones available

Book your Mentor My Production sessions

Each Session Includes:
Live video-chat studio session with a pro producer
Your choice of topics, tailored to your exact needs
Flexible time of day (USA & European timezones)
3 month free subscription to Audiomovers LISTENTO
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See the FAQ
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What our students are saying

This offering by FaderPro is amazing and really helped me on my journey as a music producer. My objective was to become a better producer at the end of the engagement and thanks to Vince I can honestly say I improved massively, exceeding my own expectations. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to improve / move on to the next stages on their music production journey. Well worth the investment, well done Vince and the team at FaderPro. FaderPro Student Marco
This mentoring sessions have been very profitable to me, the format, 4 sessions allows to immerse in some production aspects and get a learning evolution trough them. Vincent is really pro in production EDM and the main skill I got from the sessions is to feel productions as something more simple and it allows me to make better decisions. I recommend it 100 %, I tried some other mentoring but in this one I got the feeling to get more than expected and much more than its value. Thx Vincent!!FaderPro Student A

Meet your mentors

Our production mentors have decades of experience across all genres and have released on the biggest labels in the world.

Vincent di Pasquale

With a music career spanning 20 years, there's nothing that Vince doesn't know about creating awesome tracks that get dancefloors shaking across the globe.

Just check out the glistening records framed along his hallways, representing industry breakthroughs with the likes of Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, One Republic, Mariah Carey and Missy Elliott, among others.

"I always try to change it up in my productions," he says, "throwing in live instruments and giving the track a human factor." Like having a local saxophonist jam on his extended remix of Maria Carey's “Say Something.” Or incorporating a live bass guitar in his remix of Madonna's “4 Minutes,” (feat. Justin Timberlake), which reached #1 on Billboard's Hot Dance/Club Play chart. The single also went on to earn double-platinum sales status, almost unheard of in today's digital world.

Selected discography

"Girl Gone Wild"
(ReBirth Remix)
"4 minutes"
(ReBirth Remix)
"Miles" Away"
(ReBirth Remix)
"Future Sexy Love Sounds"
Asst. Engineer/Remixing
"Live Your Life"
"Shake It"

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Jason Herd

Jason Herd Over the past 25 years, Jason Herd has garnished worldwide acclaim under numerous monikers including Juan Kidd and Herd & Fitz. He's released his signature vocal house sound on the world's biggest labels including Defected, One Love, Sondos, Subliminal, Size, Toolroom, CR2, Azuli, Moody and many others. On your journey throughout clubland, you're sure to have heard his Juan Kidd & Felix Baumgartner classic “Now You're Gone feat. Lisa Millett” released on Defected and which was parked at Beatport's #1 spot for weeks. His Herd & Fitz ft Abigail Bailey track “I Just Can't Get Enough”, released on Subliminal records, landed in the Top-20 in 16 countries!

Jason is also one of the UK's most respected DJs initially famous for his warm up sets back in the day for the like of David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Erick Morillo and Joey Negro to name a few. He has graced the cover of DJ Mag with a “Live at Byblos Glasgow” mix compilation and has held residencies at Subliminal Sessions, Gods Kitchen, Gatecrasher and Sankeys in his hometown of Manchester UK.

He has also performed at the world's biggest clubs and festivals including Global Gathering, Creamfields, Space Ibiza, Pacha Ibiza, Amnesia Ibiza, Stereosonic Festival Australia, One Love Australia, Redlight Paris, Space, Toolroom Knights and Pacha Brazil.

At every step of the way Jason produces music at the highest possible level, often writing and collaborating with talented session players and seasoned vocalists to achieve a sound that is both polished, yet retains the edginess and thickness that captivates the dance floor and hits in all the right places. His skillset is one that spans all areas of expertise including sequencing, tracking, arranging, mixing, mastering and even how to make sure your tracks have what the labels want.

Selected discography

Felix Baumgartner, Juan Kidd
'Now You're Gone feat. Lisa Millett (Club Mix)'
Juan Kidd, Roland Clark
'I Feel Good (Again) (Original Mix)'
(Weirdo Recordings)
Abigail Bailey, Herd & Fitz
'I Just Can't Get Enough feat. Abigail Bailey (H&F's 2Risque Vox)'
Jason Herd, 161
'I Love Your Love (Original Mix)'
(Weirdo Recordings)
Jason Herd
'The Ghetto (Club Mix)'
(Cube Recordings)
Roland Clark, The Cube Guys, Jason Herd
'I Feel Good (Jason Herd & The Cube Guys 2021 Remix)'
(Cube Recordings)
Jason Herd, Anton Powers, Jason Heerah
'I Love My Girl (feat. Jason Heerah) (Extended Mix)'
(Get Together Records)
Juan Kidd, Prok & Fitch
'Star Guitar (Festival Mix)'

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If you can't find the answer below to your question, don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer services team and they'll be sure to help you out.

How does the July 4th sale offer work?

For our July 4th celebrations, you can either:

Join Producers Club Monthly to save 40% off the standard price - you'll pay just $11.99 per month instead of the usual $19.99 per momth.

Or, if you choose to join Producers Club Annual we'll send you a discount coupon that you can use to buy a single live 90-minute Mentor My Production session for just $99 instead of the standard price of $200. Find out more about Mentor My Production here.

What is Mentor My Production?

It's a live 1-on-1 online video mentoring service where you get to work on your own music with one of our highly experienced industry pro producers.

Tapping into the creative and technical expertise of our mentors means you'll learn invaluable techniques to boost your production skills and rapidly take your tracks to the next level.

How does it work? What's the process?

Once you've purchased one of the Mentor My Production packages, here's what happens:

  • We'll get in touch with you to set up an initial call (not counted as one of your sessions) to talk about what you're stuck on and what you want to achieve. We'll also get your session dates and times booked in our mentoring calendar.
  • We'll get you set up with the Audiomovers LISTENTO plugin so that when we have our sessions together your mentor can hear the high quality audio coming directly from your DAW.
  • When the date and time of your first session comes around, connect live over Zoom (or Google Meet if you prefer). You'll have your DAW open, publishing audio from the master bus out via LISTENTO and sharing your screen so our mentor can see it and guide you through the session.
  • You can record the session if you like - that way you can refer back to it easily in the future.
  • Even though we'll have set out the goals of your mentoring in the initial call, they can flex as each session progresses.
  • At the end of each session, your mentor will set out some suggested practice activities for you to do ready for the next session.
How will we be able to work inside the DAW?

You'll have your DAW running on your computer with screen sharing on so your mentor can see what you're doing. The audio from the DAW will stream out from the master bus via LISTENTO so your mentor will hear exactly what you're hearing in high quality audio.

LISTENTO is a subscription service from Audiomovers - your first 3 months are free as part of your Mentor My Production purchase.

What topics will my mentor cover?

That's totally up to you!

During the initial call, we'll uncover the issues that you're facing - what you're stuck on, what you want to improve, what you're not clear about and what you want to achieve. From that conversation, your mentor will be able to identify the topics to be covered in your sessions. Of course, once the sessions start you can ask about and get help on anything you like!

What is Audiomovers LISTENTO?

It's a plugin that sits inside your DAW and streams high quality audio over the internet. It comes as part of your Mentor My Production purchase and we'll walk you through the setup in the first initial call so you're ready when your first mentoring session comes around.

As you're working with your mentor, they'll be able to hear high quality audio directly from your DAW via the internet stream coming from LISTENTO.

I don't have Audiomovers LISTENTO. Is that a problem?

No. LISTENTO is a subscription-based product and you get three months free as part of your Mentor My Production purchase.

Do I get to choose my own mentor?

Not at the moment, no. We'll pick your mentor for you based on a number of factors including what you want to work on as well as practicalities of scheduling.

Do I stay with the same mentor for all sessions?

Yes, absolutely.

Mentoring works best when you're able to stick with the same mentor as you build your skills. So we'll make sure once you start you get to work with the same person.

How many sessions should I get?

We're keen to balance both the cost and the effectiveness of your sessions. We believe having multiple sessions will allow you to consolidate your learning better, thereby bringing you greater value. So if you've bought multiple sessions, after each one you'll be working on things your mentor has tasked you with so follow-up check-ins and further advice will ensure your skills get stronger and more embedded in your workflow.

If I've booked more than one session, do the sessions have to be a week apart?

No. During our initial call with you we'll work out a schedule for each of your (sessions depending on how many you've bought) so it fits with your diary. If you've bought multiple sessions, a week between each one is a good rough guide, but it's not set in stone. Flexibility rules.

What commitment do I need to make?

Good question. Mentor My Production is a commitment on both our parts - on our mentors and on you. So we'll expect you to attend all of your sessions and between them put into practice what you've learned. But hey, that's nothing more than you'd expect or want from a service that you're spending your hard-earned cash on, right?

Can I work in any DAW?

Yes. We expect you to be working in your DAW of choice.


100% satisfaction guaranteed

100% satisfaction guaranteed.