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With over 55 million streams on Spotify alone, superstar DJ and FaderPro co-founder Lee Cabrera will advise you on how to take your track the next level

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About Lee Cabrera

Lee Cabrera

50+ million streams

1 million monthly listeners

International recognition

Featured on high profile labels

Residing in New York City Lee Cabrera’s first taste of dance music was producing what Pete Tong calls "one of the Top 20 records in the last 20 years in dance" with his debut single, “Shake It” (Move a Little Closer). He was just 18 years of age. “Shake It” has now became a bonafide Gold record and achieved Lee Cabrera a World Music Award nomination as well as remixer & producer of the year nomination.

Fast forward and similarly to “Shake It” is the global success and remake of ABBA’s “Gimme Gimme” which is a staple track for every DJ around the world. “Gimme Gimme” is on a pace to go 100 million in streams and his now receiving several offers from the top major labels.

Lee Cabrera has constantly been in demand and on tour with DJ residencies in Ibiza, Barcelona, Valencia, Bangkok, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, New York, Miami & LA & San Francisco and played at some of the world biggest and most recognized venues in the world which include, Space Ibiza, Ushuaia Ibiza, Hi! Ibiza, Mambos Ibiza, Space Miami, Pacha Buenos Aires, Pacha Sao Paulo, Pacha, Cavo Paradiso Mykonos, BCM Mallorca, Ultra and more.

And now he's here to give you feedback on your own track. And who knows, perhaps support you by playing it out in an upcoming show.


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Remember to make sure the link you provide us is public so we can access it! Also, make sure the email address that you give us is the same as on your FaderPro account, otherwise we won't be able to verify that you qualify for feedback!

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Please note

  • Please make sure the track you submit is your own production and you're not passing it off as your own!
  • Due to the volume of tracks we receive, it might take a couple of weeks for us to send you your feedback
  • Track feedback is only available to qualifying purchases
  • Still got questions? See our FAQ




Who can get feedback on a demo track?

We run various promotions during which we may offer track feedback - so it depends whether you've made a qualifying purchase as to whether you're able to get feedback or not.

What happens when I submit my demo track?

When you fill in the form above, Lee Cabrera will be automatically notified that your demo track is in the queue ready for feedback. We'll do some checks to see that you qualify and if so we'll add your track to the queue.

When your track reaches the top of the queue, Lee Cabrera will listen to it, score it on our unique scale and write some comments & suggestions on how to take it to the next level. He'll then generate your personalised feedback sheet and send it to you using the email address you gave us in the form.

How long will it take to get feedback?

It depends on how long the queue is, but allow up to 2 weeks at the moment.

Does my demo track have to be completely mixed and mastered?

Absolutely not - it's a demo after all. Having said that, submit your best work to show what you're capable of!

How do I submit my demo track?

Upload your demo track to Soundcloud or other cloud-based service (Dropbox, Google Drive), make it public and then paste the link to your track into the form shown above on this page.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

100% satisfaction guaranteed.