Toolroom Re-Edit Competition

Get creative with a record that you love

In modern day DJ sets, re-edits play an important role in personalising your version of someone else’s record.

You may find yourself with a tech house remix of a pop song, which breaks out into a big cheesy vocal 3 minutes in and kills the vibe of your set. So cut out the cheese and splice it together with your own sounds! Or maybe if you find yourself with a 7 minute house record that you love, but its not going to work in your basement club residency? Why not create a dub version that holds the groove better? Try chopping up the intro and middle sections, then splice them together, whilst filtering out the sections you want to simplify, add your own production and make it your own!

Everyone’s DJ set is purpose built to to right environment and if you understand that in advance of making an edit, then you’re on the right path.

To celebrate the release of our new ‘Making Your Own Edit’ course, we’re launching a very special competition…

Simply chose ANY Toolroom track you love, and make your own custom re-edit. We’re looking for producers who add their own elements and vibe to the track that compliment the track in all the right ways.

How To Enter

This competition is open those who have purchased our new Toolroom Academy course ‘Making Your Own Edit.’ Inside the course chapter list is a PDF download document with instructions on how to enter.The deadline for this contest is 1st June, 2018.

What You Win

The lucky winner will be picked by Mark Knight and the Toolroom A&R team. You’ll receive one year on the Toolroom promo mailing list, an A&R session with Pete Griffiths, plus VIP entry to any Toolroom 15 party of your choice.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

100% satisfaction guaranteed.