"I was very impressed with the quality of the courses and the depth they go into unlike a lot of others where they really do brush over a lot and don’t go deep into the production techniques at all!! I think that’s what puts you guys in a league of your own and makes you stand out from the crowd. Personally I think it’s a blessing you guys started up what you’re doing there at FaderPro for all the upcoming producers looking to learn!!"
FaderPro Customer

"The Roger Sanchez tutorial inspired me to produce this track. Thank you for giving back to amateur producers everywhere. I have gained and learned so much through your tutorials that I just could not have learned on my own. Thanks again."
Marc Anthony Carbone
FaderPro Enthusiast

"One of the reasons we've decided to launch the Toolroom Academy is because over the years, one thing we've done consistently well is nurture talent. Our online production courses, developed in conjunction with our partners Faderpro, will be the only place producers can learn about making the kind of music Toolroom stands for. I'm really excited about passing on some of the musical and A&R knowledge we've amassed over the past 12 years to the next generation of producers - and who knows - maybe finding the next Toolroom superstar.'"
Mark Knight
Grammy nominated International DJ/Producer and Toolroom label boss.

"This is the kind of in-depth logic tutorial all dance music producers have been waiting for: a step-by-step guide that says "do this, then do this... and you'll end up with that" Superb!"
Music Tech Magazine
Magazine dedicated to the latest trends in the world of music production.

"Loving FaderPro! Great artists that anyone who knows anything will respect."
Vaughan Wilkinson
FaderPro Customer

"I have been fanatically watching Producer masterclasses since 2006. Also did a lot of courses and stuff to Step my Game up BUT this Vocal House Masterclass is the BEST I have ever come across. Funkagenda is such a great teacher and this course is packed with pro tips and tricks from beginning to end! I Love it so much and learned an aweful lot!!! Thanks for doing this i really cant wait for all Videos to come!"
Robert Nayrobi Unterwandling (Austria)
FaderPro Customer

"FaderPro’s Production courses are changing the game"
Magnetic Magazine
Top UK Dance Music Magazine

"This was a great course! What I liked most about it was that Funkagenda did a good job of outlining and explaining what the main attributes and characteristics of Tech House are and how they all fit together. This really helps up-and-coming Tech House producers such as myself to get a better overall grasp on the genre and a deeper understanding of what defines it."
Jeffery Smith
FaderPro Customer

"The course with Funkagenda is very good. I will definitely recommend this over many of the other sites I have tried."
Tom Richard
FaderPro Customer

"You guys deserve all the support in the world. The ADE-sessions were inspirational and the courses are excellent!"
Jon Larson
FaderPro Customer

"Vincent is a producer, a teacher and a master at his studio craft. Whether it's a remix or additional production on a current project, I know I can turn to him for anything to get the job done. Vincent's knowledge with LogicPro is second to none."
Jimmy Douglass
4x Grammy winner and producer for Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, John Legend, Pharrell Williams and many more

"It was amazing. Vincent really goes one point to another, so it's easy to understand. I was very impressed and it's really hands-on."
Dr. Gerhard Lengling
Sr. Director of Software Engineering Music Apps, Apple, Inc.

"There is no reason FaderPro shouldn’t soon become a household name in production education. Powerhouse names, powerhouse partnerships, powerhouse production, they’re set"
Raver Rafting
RaverRafting.com-Top Dance Music Blog

"We speak to far too many frustrated & very talented artists that want to take what they hear in their heads and make that exact piece of music but don’t know how, now with FaderPro your success is reborn!"
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"Whether you’re a beginner or advanced dance music Producer, FaderPro expands your knowledge and improves your sound!"
Gotta Dance Dirty
World leading Dance Music Blog

"I'm really happy with this class, and for $50 it was well worth it. Toolroom could dominate the whole market just based on this alone. No one reputable is doing courses, and the individual producers who do offer lessons...are charging a minimum of $750."
Tom Jones
FaderPro Customer

100% satisfaction guaranteed

100% satisfaction guaranteed.