Roger Sanchez 3‑course bundle

Up your DJ game by learning from the legendary DJ Roger Sanchez. Get all 3 courses for 25% off the retail price!

Up your DJ game by learning from the legendary DJ Roger Sanchez. Get all 3 courses for 25% off the retail price!

Grammy award-winning DJ

Global superstar

Learn his DJ techniques

Hone your own DJ skills

Get ready to learn from a DJ legend

To say Roger Sanchez is a legendary superstar DJ somehow feels like an understatement. It would not paint the complete picture of a DJ who has worked incredibly hard, stayed true to his roots, and is as in-demand as ever. His DJ shows have also gone into overdrive across all five continents, demonstrating a growing hunger for his characteristic take on house music. He has created a kind of experience that only comes from two decades of DJing.

Rarely do you get the chance to spend 10 minutes with a star DJ. If you did, you'd get a single trick or technique if you're lucky. Now we can bring you over 6 hours of teaching from this legendary DJ.

Save 25% when you buy the bundle

Whether you're just starting out, or aiming to hone your existing DJ skills, there's no better way than to learn from the legendary Roger Sanchez.

Each of the courses in this 3-course bundle gives you an incredible opportunity to see how Roger works. From building a groove during his livestream, to an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at how he created his hit single 'Dangerous Thoughts' to a full-on DJ masterclass that teaches you all you'll need to know about DJing.

And it couldn't be simpler than getting hold of all three courses for 25% off. Learn more for less!


3 courses inlcuded in this bundle

Over 6 hours of course content

Starting a Groove w/ Roger Sanchez

Roger starts on a blank screen with his DAW and quickly shows you how he gets some ideas laid out to get his creativity flowing and build a groove.

45min livestream. 1hr Q&A.
Includes 161MB groove builder sample pack.

In the studio w/ Roger Sanchez
In the studio w/ Roger Sanchez

Learn Roger's workflow from start to finish as he walks you through the creation of his single as 'The S-Man', “Dangerous Thoughts”.

24 chapters. 3h31m runtime.
Includes 1.2GB Ableton project files.

Roger Sanchez DJ Masterclass
DJ Masterclass w/ Roger Sanchez

Watch Roger as he teaches using Pioneer's industry standard gear, going beyond track-to-track mixing into full creative, live remixing, effects and more!

23 chapters. 2h14min runtime.
Includes 3GB of tracks.


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