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Get in the studio with Ferry Corsten

Get ready to sit with legendary producer Ferry Corsten for Armada University as he shows you the production techniques that have brought him global success.

Get ready to sit with legendary producer Ferry Corsten for Armada University as he shows you the production techniques that have brought him global success.

Legendary producer

25 years experience

Learn his techniques

Level up your own music

Get ready to learn from a legend

With over 25 years of studio experience, a hit-studded discography and an undeniably impressive track record as a composer, it’s safe to say that electronic music icon Ferry Corsten knows a thing or two about music production.

The Dutchman has been among his scene’s most authorative figures since he released seminal Trance classics such as ‘Out Of The Blue’ (as System F) and ‘Gouryella’ (as Gouryella), and he now steps up to the plate to teach his craft to the next generation of dance music producers through his first-ever masterclass for Armada University and FaderPro.

Are you ready to get in the studio with Ferry Corsten?

Course highlights

4 hours 40 minutes of course content
21 structured chapters
Watch as Ferry builds an 80s-style track from scratch
See Ferry's creative process
Workflow techniques, custom risers and crazy effects
Guaranteed feedback on your demo from Armada's A&Rs
 1m monthly listeners
Ferry Corsten

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What's in the course?

Throughout 4.5 hours of top-level music production, this award-winning producer builds an ‘80s-style track from scratch, teaching his workflow, building sounds from the ground up, creating unique risers, playing with crazy effects and building a high-energy record that will smash every sound system to bits.

Ferry is a natural teacher, explaining things in an easy-to-understand way, ensuring that this course has everything you need to start taking the next step in your music production journey.

Starting your project

Ferry starts with a tempo and gets started with an initial bassline which he processes to give it more groove and life. He also stacks a few kicks to create the layers he will want later during the mix.

Creating the lead bass synth

Ferry further develops the bass by adding a new layer with new notes to give it more movement and shows how he spends the time to process it to really get it grooving all by itself

Adding snares

Ferry begins to add the foundational drums starting with a snare and getting the perfect 80's style sound. He also discusses the importance of converting to audio quickly to get more control and sound shaping.

Adding hi-hats

Ferry pulls up the venerable 909 drum machine plug-in so that he can shape the hihat the way he wants controlling all the parameters and adds a few hat layers to the track

Giving the main loop more drive

Ferry works with Sylenth & the Roland to add a ride to give the meat of the track more drive.

Creating synth melodies

Now that the bass and some drums have been established, Ferry works on the main melody lead synths and shows his favorite processing chain.

Creating tension with pads

Ferry adds pads for warmth and depth with some signature sound effects on the lead synth to create a very unique sound through automating plug-ins on the bassline to create a new melodic element.

Recording your own vocals

Ferry gets creative with adding his own vocals and shows us some valuable vocoder tricks to get a very signature and unique vocal line for the track.

Adding a pluck synth

Before getting into the arrangement, Ferry adds more texture to the synth stack to finish the track melody.

Arrangement - Part 1

With the main elements sounding good, Ferry begins to create some shape to the arrangement and begins by mapping out the DJ extended version.

Arrangement - Part 2

Ferry continues to arrange and separate his sounds in the track and starts to add some effects where needed to help polish the sounds as he builds.

Arrangement - Part 3

Ferry continuing to build up the story of the track with each sound & element placing it where he wants in the arrangement.

Arrangement - Part 4

Ferry starts to focus on the breakdowns and drop sections adding many eleements incouding soe snare rolls for a more peak time energy.

Sound effects

In this chapter, Ferry adds some white noise and custome risers in the arragenement to help transition between sections and create even more contrast.

The master bus

Ferry starts to look at the master bus processing and begins to mix some of the sounds in the track to get things sitting closer to where he wants.

Breakdown & Drop final touches

Ferry pushes the energy to its peak getting both the breakdown and the drop sections to sit perfect in the mix and sound exactly the way he is envisioning them.

Getting the levels right

Ferry continues to focus on the main sections of the track ensuring they have propper levels, dynamcis and maximum impact in the track.

Mixing - Part 1

With the arrangement now complete, Ferry shifts his focus to mixing and starts to dissect each sound making sure it sounds perfectly how he wants with the overall balance of the track.

Mixing - Part 2

Mixing techniques continue and Ferry sahres tips on vocal mixing.

Finalizing the mix and clean up

Ferry gets the mix exactrly where he wants it by tweaking levels and cleaning up the track and sections as a whole.

Mixing stems

In the final step, Ferry gets everything organized, grouped and stemmed and he listens back as a whole to the final mix and does some last minute level tweaks.


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Ferry Corsten has built an award-winning career spanning 25 years with UK Top 20 singles chart success, 8 consecutive years in DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs and a remix résumé that includes top names such as U2, Moby, Faithless, The Killers, William Orbit, Duran Duran, Public Enemy, Nelly Furtado and X-Factor winner Melanie Amaro.

So it's no wonder that he's gained a global following and still pushes the boundaries in the electronic music scene.

In his first masterclass he gives you unprecedented access to his creative process, tips & techniques that will help you grow in your music production journey.

Are you ready to get in the studio with Ferry Corsten?


How long is the course?

It's 4 hours 40 minutes, broken down into 21 easy-to-digest chapters.

How much does the course cost?

During the pre-sale period (18 Jan to 1 Feb) the price is discounted by 15%, meaning you pay only $50.99. When officially released on February 2nd, the course costs $59.99.

Can I see a sneak preview?

Watch the trailer Sure, take a look at the trailer as it'll give you a good idea of what Ferry will take you through during the course.

Do I have to take the course within a certain timeframe?

No. Once you've bought the course you can watch it at your own pace. You get lifetime access here at so you can come back to it whenever you want, re-watching chapters as and when you need.

Is the course live?

No. We've worked with Ferry to curate the course into 21 chapters lasting over 4 and a half hours. It's pre-recorded and edited together to make it easy to digest. And so you can come back and watch it again and again.

Which DAW is used in this course?

Ferry uses Cubase in this masterclass but the techniques he shows you are completely transferrable into your own DAW of choice.

Do I need to have Cubase to take this course?

No. If you don't use Cubase, don't worry. The skills Ferry teaches you in this masterclass are completely transferrable into your own DAW of choice.

How does the demo feedback feature work?

When you purchase this masterclass, you are given the opportunity to submit one demo to Armada Music's A&R team for advanced demo feedback. Within a few days after purchase, Armada University will assign special demo feedback credits to you and send you an e-mail detailing how you can claim your demo feedback through demo submission platform LabelRadar. Once submitted, they will listen to your track, bundle their notes and send you a full demo feedback report in return, which includes a detailed star rating and a few personal words. That way, you're getting an extra push in the right direction with valuable tips and tricks tailored to your current production level.

You can find out more about Armada University's demo feedback feature here

If I don't like the course, can I get a refund?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't happy with the course within 48 hours of purchasing it, just get in touch and we'll sort you out with a replacement course of your choice.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

100% satisfaction guaranteed.