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By giving a FaderPro gift card this holiday season, your someone special can be sure they'll be learning music production skills from some of the most successful artists, producers and DJs in the business who have released on the biggest dance music labels in the world, amassing billions of streams.

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What's in the bundles?

Logic Pro: Beginner + Intermediate Bundle

20hrs 44mins
Over 20 hours of Logic Pro education from Apple-certified instructor Jono Buchanan. If you're just starting out with Logic Pro, this bundle will take you from the basics through to being an intermediate level user of this amazing DAW.

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Parts 1, 2 & 3 - Nicky Romero Digital Music Masterclass

7hrs 47mins
Nicky Romero's Digital Music Masterclass - the hottest masterclass of the year

This bundle includes all three parts:
Part 1 - Creation, 3hrs 14mins
Part 2 - Structure, 2hrs 7mins
Part 3 - Finalizing, 2hrs 30mins

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DJ Legends bundle

4hrs 20mins
Learn the art and mastery of DJing from two legendary DJs.

Bundle includes:
DJ Masterclass w/ Roger Sanchez, 2hrs 3mins
Shaun Reeves DJ Masterclass, 2hrs 17mins

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Sound Design Essentials bundle

9hrs 43mins
Learn how to create that perfect sound with the masters of sound design.

Bundle includes:
Synths & Sound Design w/ D.Ramirez, 6hrs 30mins
Remixing & Sound Design w/ Ørjan Nilsen, 1hr 48mins
Sound Design w/ James Egbert, 1hr 25mins

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Remixing Essentials bundle

7hrs 59mins
Learn the art of the remix from these incredible artists to take your remixes to the next level.

Bundle includes:
Remixing & Sound Design w/ Ørjan Nilsen, 1hr 48mins
Remixing w/ Dave Winnel, 4hrs 3mins
Jerome: Remixing Masterclass, 2hrs 8mins

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Trance Essentials bundle

9hrs 47mins
Learn the art of trance from three of our superstar artists in over 10 hours of trance lessons!

Bundle includes:
Finish My Record w/ ReOrder, 3hrs 3mins
In The Studio w/ Mark Sixma, 3hrs 53mins
In The Studio w/ Luke Bond, 2hrs 51mins

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Tech House Essentials bundle

11hrs 16mins
For the Tech House fans, pick up three of the top courses in this genre in a single handy 11-hour bundle!

Bundle includes:
Tech House Masterclass w/ D.Ramirez, 7hrs 6mins
Toolroom Tech House w/ Funkagenda, 1hr 48mins
David Tort [UNCUT], 2hrs 22mins

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Drum & Bass Essentials Bundle

10hrs 20mins
For all you Drum & Bass fans out there, get the low-down on how to create an epic D&B track from some of the best in the business. Over 9 hours of content!

Bundle includes:
In The Studio w/ Nu:Tone, 2hrs 54mins
In The Studio w/ Keeno, 3hrs 41mins
In The Studio w/ Danny Byrd, 3hrs 45mins

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House Essentials 1 bundle

9hrs 43mins
One of three House Essentials bundles so you can pick your favorite!

Bundle includes:
In the Studio w/ ANOTR, 2hrs 8mins
Making Classic House w/ Josh Butler, 3hrs 15mins
In The Studio w/ ATFC & David Penn, 4hrs 20mins

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House Essentials 2 bundle

8hrs 29mins
One of three House Essentials bundles so you can pick your favorite!

Bundle includes:
In the Studio w/ Dale Howard, 3hrs 7mins
In the studio w/ Illyus & Barrientos, 2hrs 51mins
In the studio w/ Martin Ikin, 2hrs 31mins

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House Essentials 3 bundle

7hrs 7mins
One of three House Essentials bundles so you can pick your favorite!

Bundle includes:
Kreature Track From Scratch, 4hrs 23mins
Norman Doray: From Samples to House Music, 1hr 22mins
The Cube Guys Track From Scratch, 2hrs 49mins

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Techno Essentials bundle

17hrs 21mins
Learn the essential Techo tips & tricks from 4 masters of the genre

Bundle includes:
D.A.V.E. The Drummer Track from Scratch, 4hrs 32mins
Techno Masterclass w/ Umek, 5hrs 30mins
BK Reconstructing "Revolution", 3hrs 13mins
Rudosa Track from Scratch, 4hrs 6mins

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Techno In the Box & Out bundle

10hrs 2mins
Learn from two Techno legends

Bundle includes:
D.A.V.E. The Drummer Track from Scratch, 4hrs 32mins
Techno Masterclass w/ Umek, 5hrs 30mins

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The Science of Sound Complete bundle

22hrs 51mins
Get a comprehensive grounding in all the fundamental concepts of music production and save money when you buy the complete Science of Sound series in a single purchase!

This bundle includes:
The Science of Sound: Equalization, 3hrs 17mins
The Science of Sound: Reverb, 1hr 54mins
The Science of Sound: Time-Based Effects, 2hrs 19mins
The Science of Sound: Pitch, 2hrs 16mins
The Science of Sound: Saturation, 2hrs 27mins
The Science of Sound: Compression, 2hrs 23mins
The Science of Sound: Volume Management, 2hrs 17mins
The Science of Sound: Rhythm & Groove, 2hrs 30mins
The Science of Sound: Bus Processing, 3hrs 28mins

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100% satisfaction guaranteed.