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Producers Club Annual, Just $79/year

Join our Producers Club Annual and get access to 190+ courses, discounts on Platinum courses and a whole lot more for a simple recurring payment. This is our lowest ever price and it won't be around for long!

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Extra Value OfferJoin Producers Club Annual and get a live 1-on-1 mentoring session for $99

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Get up to 40% off live 1-on-1 mentoring

Make faster progress with our live 1-on-1 mentoring services.

Choose Mentor Mixdown to watch and learn as a pro mix engineer mixes your track right in front of your eyes. Choose Mentor My Production for 1-on-1 coaching on any aspect of music production from initial ideas right through to mastering.

Get free track feedback when you spend more than $100

When you spend more than $100 in the month of November you'll get free feedback on one of your tracks from international DJ and FaderPro co-founder Lee Cabrera.

With over 55 million streams on Spotify alone on tracks including "Gimme Gimme", "Blow Ya Mind" and "Self Control", he'll give you detailed feedback on how to make your track the best it can be including tips on drums, bass, hook, arrangement and mix!

We'll notify you by email in early December with instructions on how to get your free track feedback so keep your eyes on your inbox!

What you get with track feedback

Feedback Fingerprint

A unique Feedback Fingerprint giving you a graphical representation of how your track measures up on our 7-point scale

Written feedback

Detailed comments on what's great and what you could consider changing to take the track to the next level

Impact score

A one-number score that summarises the overall impact of your track.

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100% satisfaction guaranteed

100% satisfaction guaranteed.