About Us


FaderPro is a virtual music education platform focused on the world of electronic dance music. Our unique approach puts students inside the studio next to leading artists and producers through high-definition video lessons designed to help seasoned veterans and aspiring beginners alike advance their skills and achieve their musical vision.

FaderPro was founded by producers for producers. Every single person that works for FaderPro has a passion, enthusiasm and expertise in music production and electronic music, from our founders Steven Lee and Vincent di Pasquale right down to the cameramen, producers and editors we use to create our courses, our mission is give you access to the studios and techniques of the top artists and producers of today.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give the rapidly growing breed of aspiring musicians and producers access to an engaging and interactive virtual in-studio learning experience where they can become intimately familiar with award-winning techniques in music production taught by the most relevant and successful artists in the world today. We make all of this possible by streaming high quality, on-demand video content directly to students’ homes and studios.

We not only shoot high definition video of the entire music production process from start to finish, but also provide students a never-before offered opportunity to “ride shotgun” with a multi-platinum artist and follow along through every step of the exact project to recreate the same song piece by piece. 

This “paint-by-numbers” approach results in a 100% satisfaction rate among students. With FaderPro, the studio doors are finally opened like never before to allow students access to the insider secrets of remixing and producing electronic music at the professional level. No other program provides students with this level of depth, guidance and understanding into the minds of such highly acclaimed artists.

The FaderPro Difference

Although digital revolution has made it easier than ever to create electronic music, there are very few choices for students dedicated to investing in top-notch music production education, and who want the freedom to work at their own pace.  

Students who decide to get training are confronted with very limited options. YouTube is filled with novice instructors offering ineffective “lessons” using low-value video production methods, leading students looking for real instruction down a dead-end path. Existing online outlets use mostly screenshots creating a sterile learning environment with cheap production values and a user-manual generated syllabus.

FaderPro solves this problem with on-demand videos students can watch at their own pace in high-definition with qualified artists and producers from a virtual in-studio vantage point. This hands-on approach to reverse-engineering real-life hit songs lets students direct their learning experience at their own pace and for their own needs, leading to more efficient, goal-oriented learning and creative independence.  

This real-world, hands on approach offers a proven curriculum derived from proven success. Students not only watch, but follow along making every move the instructor makes in a “paint-by-numbers” approach. In addition, our team is leveraging industry relationships, forged over decades of experience, to give users legitimate opportunities to get their music released and heard. No other platform exists that offers such a unique curriculum, guidance and placement opportunities within the industry.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

100% satisfaction guaranteed.