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17th September 2023, midnight MT

Win a Behringer RD-9

We're giving away an awesome Behringer RD-9, a fantastic drum machine that pays homage to the original TR-909 with updated features too.

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Recurring subscription
Watch 190+ courses plus more
$99 / year LEARN MORE
Recurring subscription
Watch 190+ courses plus more
$9.09 / month LEARN MORE

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We've hand-picked 29 courses from a host of world-class artists across a range of genres and we're dropping the price to just $9.09 per course when you use coupon code 909DAY

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This offering by FaderPro is amazing and really helped me on my journey as a music producer. My objective was to become a better producer at the end of the engagement and thanks to Vince I can honestly say I improved massively, exceeding my own expectations. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to improve / move on to the next stages on their music production journey. Well worth the investment, well done Vince and the team at FaderPro. FaderPro Student Marco
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100% satisfaction guaranteed.