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In our most in-depth masterclass yet, Nicky Romero explains his creative and technical for building hit tracks.

With over 25 years of studio experience, a hit-studded discography and an undeniably impressive track record as a composer

In this exclusive course in partnership with Armada University, watch and learn as the duo serves builds a track from scratch, then breaks down their hit "Cultural Decline".

A trained studio engineer and jazz pianist, Martin Ikin has been focusing on his own production for the past several years, which has paid off in a major way with many hugely successful tracks.

This comprehensive course on modern DJing from Stereohype mainstay R3WIRE will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to go from bedroom to Boiler Room.

The tech house master lifts the lid on two of his tracks, giving us a first-hand glimpse of exactly what makes each of them tick.

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100% satisfaction guaranteed.